of the

Southern Baptists of Southeast Texas (SBSET)




To preserve and make secure the fundamental principles of our faith, to protect our doctrinal integrity and denominational unity, to ensure that the affiliated bodies of this body conduct their business in an orderly and democratic manner under the Lordship of Christ and set forth the relationship of the affiliated bodies of this association with one another and other bodies of like faith and order, we do hereby establish this Constitution and Bylaws.


We do moreover declare that whereas the Bible is the only perfect constitution for the defining rules of faith and practice that should be inherent in a Bible-based organization, the Constitution and Bylaws exist merely as a written document that provides a foundation and a framework for the application of these rules to the administration of this body. If in any point they are found to be inconsistent with or contrary to the inspired, infallible, inerrant Word of God, they are, in that point, null and void.


Article I. Name


This body shall be known as Southern Baptist of Southeast Texas, Inc. (SBSET)


Article II. Mission Statement


The SBSET exists to provide spiritual growth and fellowship for ministers and churches in the greater Southeast Texas area.


Article III. Doctrinal Statement


The SBSET adopts as its own expression of faith the Baptist Faith and Message as amended in the 2000 annual session of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). We affirm the authority of the Bible, God’s inspired, infallible, inerrant word, to the glory of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


Article IV. Affiliation


Section 1. Affiliation Qualification


An affiliated individual or church must agree with the foundation beliefs of the SBSET set forth in its Constitution and Bylaws. Affiliated individuals and churches must actively cooperate with the work of the SBSET through regular participation and financial support.


Section 2. Method of Affiliation


  1. Any church desiring affiliation with this body shall complete an affiliation form indicating agreement with the doctrinal position of the SBSET and make an initial contribution to the SBSET. The form must be received at the association office at least three months prior to the annual meeting.


  1. All individuals and churches having submitted an affiliation form shall be examined by the Executive Board of the association as to their qualifications. If found acceptable, the Executive Board will recommend provisional affiliation status to the association, with formal recommendation for affiliation being made at the next annual meeting.


  1. All individuals and churches receiving an affirmative majority at the annual meeting shall be welcomed to the affiliation.


Section 3. Representation at Meetings of this Body


Each affiliated church shall be entitled to send messengers to the meetings of this body. Each affiliated church shall be entitled to two messengers and one additional messenger for each fifty resident members, provided that no church shall have more than ten messengers.


Section 4. Termination of Affiliation


Any affiliate individual or church may withdraw from this body at its discretion. This body may revoke an individual’s or church’s affiliation should said individual or church conduct itself contrary to the SBSET Constitution and Bylaws. Such termination will be accomplished by a majority vote of the Executive Board.


Article V. Relationships


Section 1. General Relationships


The SBSET declares that it fraternally cooperates with and supports the work of both the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention (SBTC), and the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) and its agencies. As a demonstration of this cooperation, the SBSET promotes giving to the Cooperative Program through the SBTC.


Section 2. Individual Relationships


The SBSET welcomes individuals who are members of non-affiliated churches to attend any of its general meetings. These individuals must meet the same eligibility criteria and Executive Board review as stated in Article IV. Such individuals may attend, vote, speak to business matters, or hold any elected office within the SBSET.


This provision will allow individuals in non-affiliated churches to participate in the SBSET while seeking to lead their church to affiliate or seeking God’s leadership to join with an affiliated church. These individuals will not be registered as messengers to the annual association meeting unless they are serving on any committee or other position of the SBSET and receive an affirmative majority vote at an Executive Board meeting prior to the annual association meeting. Any individual desiring to be registered as a messenger shall petition the Executive Board at least 3 months prior to the annual meeting.


Article VI. Meetings and Proceedings


The SBSET shall meet at least annually at a time and place designated at the preceding annual meeting. Additional meetings may be called by an affirmative majority vote of the Executive Board.


Article VII. Officers


Section 1. Elected Officers


  1. The elected officers of this association shall be a moderator, a vice-moderator, a recording secretary and treasurer.


  1. The officers shall be elected annually by the messengers of the association and shall hold their respective offices until the end of the annual session at which their successors are elected.


  1. No person may serve in any elected office of the association for more than two (2) consecutive years.


  1. In the event of the resignation, removal, death or a disability that would hinder the moderator from fulfilling the responsibilities of the office, the vice-moderator shall automatically become moderator.


Section 2. Executive Officer and Other Employees


  1. The chief executive officer of the association shall be the Associational Missionary.


  1. He shall be employed upon the recommendation of the Executive Board and receive remuneration as recommended by the Executive Board.


  1. He shall supervise and administer all of the affairs of the association and all of its activities and shall represent and carry out the policies of the association and its Executive Board.


  1. The executive Board shall have the authority to elect or employ other personnel as deemed necessary by the body.


Article VIII. Boards, Trustees, Agencies and Committees


  1. The Executive Board shall have the authority to elect and empower such boards, trustees, agencies and committees as may be deem necessary for handling the association’s business.


  1. All such boards, trustees, agencies and committees shall be nominated to the association and elected in the annual session.


  1. The Articles of Incorporation, the Constitution and Bylaws of the association shall govern them.


Article IX. Parliamentary Authority


The parliamentary authority of the SBSET shall be Robert’s Rules of Order (latest revised edition).   The convention moderator, in conference with the vice-moderator shall, select a chief parliamentarian and assistant parliamentarians, as necessary, to advise the presiding officers of the association on matters of parliamentary procedure.


Article X. Amendments


This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the messengers present at any session of any regular annual meeting, provided the proposed amendment was submitted in writing to the convention one year before being voted on, or provided the amendment was recommended by the Executive Board and published in the association newsletter three months prior to the annual convention season.


Article XI. Quorum


The quorum for conducting business during the annual association meeting of the SBSET shall consist of the enrolled messengers present in the session.